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Take the stress out of your TTC journey...

and focus on what matters the most.

Built with Care

Lucina draws from the latest research on families created through donor conception.


It takes a village to raise a child

The journey to parenthood is collaborative; having the right support can improve maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Finding and working with a known donor takes time, specialized knowledge, and communication. We help you navigate this process on your pathway to parenthood.


Choose from a diverse cohort of donors

Lucina welcomes people from all walks of life. Our donors come from a variety of cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, and spiritual backgrounds.

We believe intended parents should make the choice that is right for them. 


People are more than profiles

The instant our children are born, we look for reflections of ourselves in them. While the nature vs. nurture debate is alive and well, scientists have little doubt that genes can influence more than a child's looks.

This is why it is important to know your donor beyond the catalogue.


How do we recruit donors?

There are 180 million people with sperm in the US — why is it hard to find the right donor?

Many gamete banks seek people who want to donate for monetary compensation. Some even advertise on Craigslist. We believe the best donors are altruistic: they don't do it for money. 

Many people feel uncomfortable sharing their gametes without information on how many offspring will be created.  They want to know about the home children will be raised in. Many want to know when a child is conceived. Some would like to receive on-going updates. By giving donors agency, we attract great people who might not donate otherwise. 

A much better way to find donor sperm

The sperm bank business model is built on anonymity if donors and intended parents were in direct communication, banks would not be able to charge as much as they do. On average, it takes between 4 and 8 attempts before conceiving. At over $1,000 per vial, it costs about $10,000 to conceive a child through gamete banks.

Known donorship is not only affordable, it is also a more holistic solution. A connection with their genetic identity can give your child a deeper understanding of self. Using a communication agreement, we engender a culture of safety and openness where donor engagement is constructive. 

Lucina Scale

The Lucina Scale helps donors and families indicate the level of contact with which they are comfortable.

  • Personalized

    The Lucina Scale acknowledges that connections and relationships are nuanced and non-binary.

  • A Dynamic Framework

    A range on the scale provides the opportunity to evolve, according to the chid's needs.  

  • Family-led

    Parents curate age-appropriate contact for their child, if desired. 

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