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Let's Make Babies Together

Today, people are creating families with strangers. Donor-conceived people are speaking up. The laws are changing.

Lucina is a public benefit corporation that helps people create families through known donorship. We recognize that the relationship between the parents, offspring, and donor is complex. Whether you are starting a family, or you want to help others achieve their dream of becoming a parent, let us help you navigate this special journey.

The future of donor conception is care. We are the future of care.

Lucina Scale

The Lucina Scale helps donors and families indicate the level of contact with which they are comfortable.

  • Personalized

    The Lucina Scale acknowledges that connections and relationships are nuanced and non-binary.

  • A Dynamic Framework

    A range on the scale provides the opportunity to evolve, according to the chid's needs.  

  • Family-led

    Parents curate age-appropriate contact for their child, if desired. 

Lucina Scale

Some save lives – others give life

Sperm donors are the hidden heroes behind many of today’s families.

  • Healthy Genetics

    Many physical and behavioral traits are inheritable. Lucina donors are healthy, avoid recreational drugs, and understand their family history. 

  • Dependable

    Becoming a donor requires your commitment and time. You will visit the clinic and take various test in advance of your first donation. You may travel. It might take multiple tries to conceive. This requires an honest look at you can or cannot do, and delivering on promises.

  • Supportive

    Families conceiving with donor gametes face unique joys and challenges. Some might be dealing with infertility issues. Same-sex couples and single-parents-by-choice may face social stigma for creating family in non-traditional ways. You can be a positive force during a monumental time in their life. 


This is our story

We are Kim and Ching. We spent years looking for a known donor in order to create our family.

We were encouraged to do the "standard" thing and go to a sperm bank already. We felt strongly that children have the right to their genetic identity. The more we read research and heard the stories of donor-conceived individuals, the more resolute we became in our search for a known donor. 

We read through thousands of profiles, spoke to hundreds of potential donors, and met a few dozen in person before finding the known donor we were looking for. Along the way, we met great donors who also struggled to meet the right recipients.

We created Lucina to help others navigate through the arduous process of finding a known donor on their path to parenthood.

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